If you’re looking to move house, transport some furniture or need to relocate anything; then you might think a man and a van in Solihull is an inexpensive strategy to adopt, and it is, but you must perform due diligence. There are multiple removal companies in Solihull. The man and van service you employ will be responsible for moving all of your possessions, so you need to ask the right questions to ensure they are qualified and suitable for the job.

Enquire about their service

If you are planning a big move on a low budget, you’ll want to know the scale of their operation. Will the removals man have a mate to assist them, or will they work alone? It’s an important detail to know beforehand as it will determine whether they are the right person for the job, or it might allow you time to bring in help from family and friends to guarantee the move goes smoothly. It isn’t ideal to ask for support, but it may be necessary if you need your money to stretch.

Ask about their vehicle

When scouting for a man and a van in Solihull, you should always ask about their vehicle’s type, size, and reliability. These factors will play a significant role in whether or not your move is logistically well-planned and efficient. If the van is too small, this might result in numerous trips that drive up the cost and ultimately take longer. Over short distances, it might be reasonable to make more than one trip, but the bigger the van, the better. You also don’t want to risk overloading a smaller van and contravene road safety laws.

Review the company details

There are a couple of principal aspects in hiring removal companies in Solihull that you must check – their insurance and the reviews. The majority of home insurance providers will protect against any damages or losses during a house move, but only if your man and a van has sufficient removals insurance, so you need to ask. Look online to read the reviews of previous customers and see what they have to say about their experience. If the company isn’t on any review sites, this could be a potential red flag, but not always; you should weigh this against other factors.

The quote

Perhaps the most critical part of all is the quote. As every tip on hiring a professional contractor states, you should always obtain at least three quotes. When assessing the quotes, you’ll want to know three things from the removal specialist: how will the rate be set, will it be a fixed quote, and will they conduct a site survey? If you are being charged at an hourly rate, then time will be of the essence, whereas a daily charge will mean you can take more care. Having a man and van carry out a site survey will allow them to identify any access issues or obstacles which might make a move more challenging. Only then can they quote with accuracy, and at this point, you must nail down whether this is a fixed quote. You don’t want to find they’ve added extras onto the cost once the move is complete. Contact Simply Moves and Storage today if you live in Solihull and would like a quote from a professional removals company.

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