The fresh start that moving home brings can be exhilarating. Still, the logistics behind getting your essentials from A to B can be daunting and challenging, which is why it’s always best to use professional removal companies. At Simply Moves and Storage, we help move dozens of people in Birmingham, Tamworth and Solihull each year, and below, we’ve provided the main benefits of our service.

Full site surveys

We always carry out a site survey when undertaking any removals job, so we leave no stone unturned. It enables us to provide highly accurate quotes and overcome any access obstacles.

Packing services

As part of our removals service, we can take care of all your packing needs. There’s a lot of reassurance in knowing that all your possessions have been packed professionally, safely and logged correctly. We can also supply high-quality packaging materials for those that want to go DIY.

We do all the physical work

When relocating, it isn’t just small boxes that need moving but heavy furniture items, including wardrobes, beds, and tables. We will take care of all the heavy lifting safely and carefully, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the move.

Suitable removals vehicles

We operate a fleet of vehicles across Birmingham, Tamworth and Solihull and send the appropriate sized van or lorry to transport your items. If you have a lot of oversized and awkward possessions, using professional removal companies will prevent the need for multiple trips.

We are fully insured

If you try to move your items yourself, you have the added cost and inconvenience of arranging your insurance. If you use a professional removals firm in Birmingham, Tamworth or Solihull like us, all of your items are automatically covered against our policy.

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